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Jundoge Enoshiba’s Pokeplush giveaway!!






  • You don’t have to be following me! But if you do thats hella cool!
  • One winner only!!
  • ONE Reblog and ONE Like. No more!


The Winner gets NINE pokemon plushies!

  1. The three Kalos Starters!
  2. Three of the Five Mega-Evolution plushies!
  3. Three Eeveelutions! (Eevee included!!)

I will say that if you don’t want a certain one I’ll find another for you!

Meaning if you only want Fennekin from the starters, but you want all 5 Mega evolutions you can do that too!

Or if you want 6 Eeveelutions and no Megas. Thats fine too!

I would go all out and let you pick any but that shit’s hard to track down yo!

Ends on July 7th!!

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Lebo M
He Lives in You



If you’ve never sat down and listen to the Instrumental of He Lives in You from Lion King 2 you are missing out on life man

it’s flawless

It is flawless and this song is underrated and I am gonna download it and put it on repeat. Like, this song is beyond perfect. I can’t.

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creative process

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